World Cancer Day 2017

World Cancer Day takes place this Saturday the 4th of February and a number of events took place around the country today to mark the event. This year’s tagline – “We can. I can.” – explores how every individual or collective can do their part to reduce the global burden of cancer. The UCD Conway Institute held a #FlashTalks competition between various cancer research groups. The winner was Dirk Fey of Systems Biology Ireland who discussed his research on personalised modelling to overcome chemotherapeutic resistance in cancer patients.

Atturos has continued their commitment to patient involvement in research through #WCD and several other events throughout the year. Last year over 100 cancer patient survivors and their families joined researchers, health care professionals, researchers, funding agencies and charity groups at the “The Patient Voice in Cancer Research” event. A series of talks with a strong patient focus were presented, with members of the public invited and encouraged to voice their opinions in the open forum. On a separate occasion patients had the opportunity to visit the Atturos laboratory and learn about the process of discovering developing prostate cancer biomarkers in the context of the OCProDx test. And, during our company brainstorming sessions prostate cancer patient advocates played a key role – we were genuinely honoured to have them participate actively – their contribution was vital. We look forward to maintaining a strong interaction with patients – after all – we are all patients.