Our Vision

Better decisions based on solid science

Our intention, subject to continued robust validation, is to deliver the OCProDx test to routine practice to improve clinical and patient decisions in prostate cancer. Atturos plan to commercialise the OCProDx test in early 2018. Our goal is to give patients and clinicians clearer information to help them make guided treatment decisions.

Our longer term vision is to integrate molecular diagnostics into decision making tools to improve the health and quality of life patients while also increasing the cost-effectiveness of healthcare systems. Atturos has ambitious plans for rapid development, growth and internationalisation, and already has a pipeline of other tests in research development.

The existing management team has experience with commercialisation and ambitions to be an integral part of the evolving senior management group of the company while at the same time recognising the need to identify and engage senior experienced executives. The travel and networking associated with the feasibility study will provide an important opportunity to identify such individuals.