What We Do

Patient driven molecular diagnostics

Atturos is a new University College Dublin (UCD) spin out company founded in December 2014 specifically with the intention of commercialising the OCProDx test. Atturos is a company based on sophisticated science with patient well-being at its core. The first product we are developing is a simple blood test to determine whether or not diagnosed prostate cancer is confined to the prostate. With this information, patients can have an informed role in their choice of treatment, including the opportunity of patient monitoring via active surveillance (read more here). This aims to prevent unnecessary over treatment of a disease that most patients will not die from. The test itself is performed on a robust clinical platform using advanced proteomics methods and state-of-the-art equipment. Atturos has a highly experienced and committed initial leadership team who have the support of a wide network of commercial, clinical and scientific advisors. We apply integrity and energy to innovative new biomarker discovery and product development for a range of conditions and the delivery of OCProDx to market.

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  • OCProDx

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  • Tumour Confinement Score

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