Proteomics International and Atturos Announcement

Diagnostic Blood Test to Predict Onset of Diabetic Kidney Disease One Step Closer to Launch Across Europe.

Proteomics International Laboratories Ltd (Proteomics International; ASX: PIQ), a medical technology company headquartered in Perth, Australia, has announced the successful transfer of its PromarkerD technology to the laboratories of clinical diagnostics partner, Atturos. PromarkerD is a diagnostic blood test that uses a unique protein ‘fingerprint’ to provide an early detection of the onset of diabetic kidney disease. Following the transfer of the technology to Atturos the PromarkerD test is now available as a mass spectrometry laboratory developed test (MS-LDT) to licence partners in the European market.

Professor Stephen Pennington,  Founder and Chief Scientific Officer, Atturos said, “It is a significant milestone for our two pioneering companies to be expanding the use of mass spectrometry for new clinical diagnostic tests, such as PromarkerD.”

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