EAU 2016 Annual Meeting

As part of our continuous clinical and market research efforts Atturos CEO Stephen Pennington attended the European Association of Urology Annual Meeting this past weekend. Over 13,000 participants from 118 countries attended and nearly 200 companies showcased the latest innovations at the EAU16 exhibition. The meeting afforded the opportunity to gain insight from a number of urologists on diverse topics impacting prostate cancer screening, diagnosis and treatment. Presentations regarding use of active surveillance, imaging advances, AR pathways, NGS, and optimal diagnosis and therapies offered detailed information about modern clinical workflows.

We couldn’t neglect to mention the winner of Best Poster Presentation: “Multicenter validation study of a urine-based molecular biomarker algorithm to predict high-grade prostate cancer”. This presentation outlines the new “liquid biopsy” test which aims to reduce the numbers of unnecessary biopsies performed. The assay measures HOXC6 and DLX1 mRNA expression levels in urine and combines them with traditional risk factors (DRE, PSA, PSA density, age and family history) to predict high-grade prostate cancer. The test was validated and showed a positive association with higher Gleason score, as well as consistent diagnostic performance in the ever challenging PSA ‘grey zone’. Lead researcher Jack Schalken spoke at the Conway Institute’s “Clinical Decision Support Systems for Breast & Prostate Cancer: Focus on Prognostic & Predictive Tools” event last week, where he presented the findings of the clinical validation studies for the new assay. This test marketed as SelectMDx by MDxHealth and is already in clinical use in Europe. Just yesterday it was announced that it is now available in the USA. Congratulations to all involved.