Steve Pennington

Founder and Chief Scientific Officer

Steve is Professor of Proteomics in UCD. A chemist (Imperial College, London) and PhD biochemist (University of Cambridge) by training, he has spent much of his research career using mass spectrometry to measure and characterise proteins. He has given over 150 invited presentations at international events, published over 75 scientific papers as well as editing and contributing to several books including editing one of the first books on Proteomics that was translated into Chinese and Japanese.

He is highly energetic, enthusiastic and focused on bringing protein biomarker research endeavours to clinical utility and value. To support this, Steve has commercial experience and has developed significant insight into the molecular diagnostics arena. He has been consultant to a number of companies including a major private proteomics-based biotech that went on to a successful IPO and has been Director of Research and Board Member of a Cambridge-based seed-corn funded fledgling biotech company.

Steve was awarded an Elmore Medical Research Fellowship while in Cambridge and subsequently was the recipient of a Sir Henry Wellcome Award for Innovative Research. He has filed three patents and is currently the lead organiser of 16th Human Proteome Organisation (HUPO) World Congress which will be held in the national Convention Centre in Dublin from 17-20th September 2017.