Andrew Percy

Senior Applications Chemist – Mass Spectrometry, Cambridge Isotope Laboratories, Inc.

APDr. Andrew Percy is a Senior Applications Chemist of Mass Spectrometry for Cambridge Isotope Laboratories. There he is responsible for overseeing product development, identifying new product market opportunities, assisting in the analysis of products for MS ‘omics applications, and providing technical support to customers.

Andrew has over 10 years of experience in the field of mass spectrometry. His research focus has been in the areas of structural and quantitative proteomics. Using hydrogen/deuterium exchange (HDX)-MS, he has developed novel analytical methods to identify and structural characterize multicomponent complexes. In quantitative proteomics, he developed and applied an array of novel bottom-up LC-MS/MS methods for the targeted and multiplexed quantitation of candidate disease protein biomarkers in human biosamples (including plasma and urine, for example). These latter methods have utilized isotopically labeled standards (for response normalization) and MRM or PRM (for targeted detection). This general approach for non-invasive biosample analysis mirrors the Atturos ethos. Overall, Dr. Percy has published more than 40 articles in peer-reviewed journals, acts on the editorial board of the Journal of Proteomics and Genomics, and serves as a regular ad-hoc review for a number of journals.