Andrew Parnell

Senior Lecturer in Statistics, University College Dublin

Andrew is a Chartered Statistician and Lecturer with over 10 years experience and has collaborated with several biomedical scientists including Steve Pennington with whom he has worked for nearly 5 years. He enjoys working with big and complex (incomplete) data sets which have hidden relationships that only statistical methods can uncover. His main expertise is in feature/variable selection, multivariate analysis, stochastic processes and time series analysis and Bayesian inference all of which can be applied with significant outcome to discovery and validation of protein biomarkers in fixed time-point and longitudinal studies.

Andrew has a BSc, MSc (University of Kent, UK) and PhD (Sheffield UK) and is a member of The Royal Statistical Society. Before joining UCD he was a Statistician in the British Market Research Bureau (London) and Research Fellow in Trinity College Dublin. Andrew has worked closely with Steve through the joint supervision of PhD student Belinda Hernandez. The pair have published several papers together and are currently working on several invention disclosures/patent applications.