Oliver FitzGerald

Senior Consultant, St. Vincent’s University Hospital Dublin

A consultant Rheumatologist at St. Vincent’s University Hospital, Oliver is also medical director at the Rheumatic and Musculoskeletal Disease Unit based at Our Lady’s Hospice and Care Services. In these roles he co-ordinates an internationally recognised translational research programme which focuses on inflammatory arthritis. From 2010 up until early 2016, Oliver was programme lead with the HSE Clinical Programme in Rheumatology. He has also been prominent worldwide in the development of validated outcome measures for psoriatic arthritis, driven by the need to ensure that measures are sensitive and specific to the unique features of patients with this condition.

Oliver, a Newman Clinical Research Professor at UCD, has a superb track record of undertaking research of basic scientific and clinical importance. He brings a sharp clinical focus to the evaluation and refinement of biomarker panels with his extensive and productive experience of molecular research directed at mechanisms and biomarkers. Oliver and Steve have undertaken collaborative research for several years including the co- supervision of post-doctoral researchers and PhD students most recently as part of the EU-FP7 MIAMI programme. They have published a number of articles together and have invention disclosures and patent applications under preparation.